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When I say "All Lenses Are Not Created Equal", it means that I fit a lens to a patient rather than fitting a patient to a lens. This is the opposite of the way most glasses are made today. Most glasses are designed by a computer in a cookie cutter fashion. Whereas I design each lens based upon factors that cannot be truly measured.
  • Such as taking into account a personís posture, their height and their common daily activities. All glasses will not work equally in every situation. Certain tasks require different fitting techniques that are rarely taken into account elsewhere. Something as simple as using a computer requires a different set of parameters than your day to day glasses.
  • In addition some materials provide superior optics and with fewer distortions, which can have a large impact on your visual acuity. This means that two otherwise identical pairs of glasses can give different visual results based solely on the material they are made of.
All of this sounds expensive, but in reality it actually costs me less to make glasses in this fashion. Then I can pass these savings on to you, the patient. I'm proud to offer quality workmanship at low prices.
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